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Toronto Chair Massage – In the Know

Savvy corporations know that employee wellness impacts the bottom line. We all know intuitively that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off. We also know that stress, anxiety, and constant pressure reduce the ability to perform well. Does research really back this up?

Yes it does!

Consider the evidence:

Stress related disorders account for between 60 and 90 percent of all health care visits.
In wages alone, absenteeism costs about $30 billion per year. The total loss, including lost productivity, is estimated to be as high as $150 billion.
In Canada, many corporations offer Employee Assistance Programs delivered by EAP providers such as Sheppell-FGI. These companies invest to help employees cope with family issues and stress related illness because it improves productivity and business.
Research by Health Canada shows that every corporate dollar invested in wellness returns nearly 3½ dollars to the corporation.

Toronto's On-Site Chair Massage Specialists

"Elizabeth and her team have been providing by-weekly chair massage sessions at our location for more than ten years. Chair massage is an essential component of our Employee Wellness Initiative.

"We encourage our staff to participate: it gets them away from their desk for a much appreciated and beneficial 15-minute break and our staff looks forward to 'massage day'.

"Here are some comments from the staff:
  • "'It's so relaxing!' – IT professional
  • "'I feel so much more relaxed. It feels wonderful!' – IT professional
  • "'Change of routine! Highlight of the week!' – Finance
  • "'It rejuvenates me!' – HVAC Sales
  • "'Relaxes my tense muscles.' – Finance"
Vanessa Trivelli, HR Generalist
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.

Corporate Massage and Stress Reduction

Corporate on site massage is an excellent wellness practice that can be done on-site. Corporate chair massage greatly reduces stress, as well as anxiety, tension, and workplace fatigue. Not only does it take little time, corporate chair massage reaches employees at all fitness levels, including the less than fit and those struggling with stress related health issues.

Corporate chair massage is a way for companies to improve corporate wellness for all employees and thus overall productivity. Consider that many corporations advertise their on site corporate massage and corporate wellness programs as a way to attract new employees who value wellness.

Corporate Benefits through On-Site Chair Massage

Since 1999, many corporations – the Hudson's Bay, Zellers, Canadian Tire, NCR, De Boers, Telus, Rogers Wireless, Desjardin Financial, the CAA, and others – have invested in on-site corporate chair massage through the Energetic Connections team, and have realized the business benefits.

Through regular corporate chair massage, companies can realize many benefits that improve the bottom line:

Increased productivity
Reduced absenteeism resulting from stress related issues
Communicates the important message that the corporation cares about employees
More enthusiasm at work
Ability to attract and recruit healthier new employees
Cost effective and easy to implement
Used by employees at all fitness levels so benefits are broad

Maximize Your Corporate Massage Benefits

Your company can use corporate chair massage in a variety of ways:

As an on-going option for employees
A special or regular on site chair massage day
As part of an activity, a Health and Safety event, or a special corporate wellness day
As part of an overall corporate wellness program or fitness program

"Elizabeth has been coming to providing on site in chair massages for our company for many years. Our staff looks forward to her healing hands.

"Elizabeth is personable and professional, making you feel at ease the minute you enter the room. She is an excellent communicator and passionate about her profession."

Julia Miskey, Office Administrator
Women's Executive Network, Toronto, Ontario

However, your corporation can maximize its corporate massage benefits through regular on-going sessions of on-site massage, either stand-alone or as part of a larger wellness or fitness program. Regular on-site corporate massage keeps the benefits going, resulting in greater overall and long-lasting positive effects.

Get in touch with us at Energetic Connections for more about on-site corporate chair massage Toronto and the benefits to your corporation.

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