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Corporate Wellness Programs

Team Building and Health and Safety Days

We know that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off. That's why many companies host team building, corporate wellness, or health and safety days for their employees, or set up company wellness booths at events like general health fairs, conferences, or trade shows.

What will attract your staff to actually attend and linger at your company Health and Safety Day or corporate wellness event? On-site massage! Nothing draws staff more than a relaxing, invigorating chair massage.

On-site chair massage in Toronto and the GTA as part of a team building, corporate wellness event, or health and safety day generates excitement. Chair massage surpasses even pizza in the enthusiasm department!

"We are very pleased that you participated in our corporate wellness fair. All 25 employees enjoyed your on-site massage and would like to have you back on a regular basis. Thank you Elizabeth you were the hit of the Fair."

Maila – Health and Safety Nurse
Toronto Grace Hospital

A Range of Benefits

For a Corporate Wellness Day

Increased Attendance – Employees are more likely to show up to a corporate wellness day when the opportunity to receive a neck, shoulder, and back massage is offered – ideal for your annual Wellness Fair!
Attract Attention – On-site chair massage attracts participants' attention, increases the traffic flow, and encourages attendees to remain longer.

For Your Company

Wellness Message – Toronto chair massage delivers a powerful non verbal message that your company cares about the well-being of your employees.
Excitement – A simple sign up format creates enthusiasm and a sense of common interest among employees – great for staff appreciation days!
Team Spirit – Two or more staff can receive chair massage side by side creating a visual impact and focal point at the event.
Smiles and Thank Yous – Employees really appreciate on-site chair massage. You'll look like a hero for having thought of it! Wellness or Health and Safety day will never be the same!

For Your Employees

Physical Effect – Employees have neck, shoulder, arm, and back stiffness relieved and physically feel better and more relaxed after a massage.
Psychological Effect – Chair massage in Toronto and the GTA refreshes and energizes event attendees. There is an improved psychological sense of well-being among chair massage recipients.
A Welcome Break – On-site chair massage provides a welcome break on corporate wellness days that relieves at-work fatigue.
Camaraderie – Attending a corporate wellness day and participating in on-site chair massage with other attendees fosters a sense of camaraderie among employees.

"Thanks to you and the on-site massage team for participating in our mental Health Fair at Ontario Power Generation. The feedback from the employees both written and verbal was very positive... There were many remarks on your chair massage service stating how relaxing and enjoyable they found the massage to be."

Joanne, Occupational Health Nurse
Ontario Power Generation

An Offer Everyone Loves

Create excitement and enthusiasm with an offer that everyone loves – include on-site chair massage and team building activities as part of your corporate wellness program or Health and Safety initiative.

Contact us at Energetic Connections to find out more about how we can make your corporate wellness program, wellness fair , health and safety day, or other event more successful.

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