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ROI of Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is important! Individual health and wellness is as crucial as workplace wellness. People with a high degree of wellness function at a higher level, both in their personal lives and in the workplace. Corporate wellness benefits! The individual benefits ripple out, increasing corporate wellness through increased productivity, reductions in health costs, better relations with co-workers and customers, a more positive attitude, and increased energy.

Corporate Wellness in Toronto and Canada – Consider the Research

Between 60 and 90 percent of all visits to health care professionals are for stress-related disorders.
Absenteeism costs about $30 billion per year in wages alone. The total loss, including lost productivity, is estimated to be as high as $150 billion.
According to the National Commission on Productivity, only two of every ten employees work at full potential. Nearly half of the workforce gives only the minimum effort needed to get by.
For each corporate dollar invested in corporate wellness programs and initiatives, Health Canada reports a $3.40 return on investment through reduced turnover, productivity gains, and decreased medical claims.

Chair Massage, Stress, and Corporate Wellness

Workplace massage
Corporate massage
is the greatest!

The link between corporate wellness and on site massage is well known. Reducing stress, tension, and pent-up anxiety allows employees to not only benefit through improved well-being, but through their work performance too. The overall effect is improved workplace wellness.

– A University of Miami study found that at-work on site chair massage contributes to increased productivity with far fewer errors. Chair massage recipients performed computational tests in half the time with half as many errors as they did before a series of chair massage sessions.

Who Participates?

Many conventional corporate wellness programs reach the fitness-minded – those already keen to exercise – but miss those less interested in physical activity. On-site massage reaches employees at all fitness levels, providing a wider range of benefits to employees and enhancing your corporate wellness and employee satisfaction.

"As a photographer, I spend a lot of time editing images at my computer. I find that chair massage is a great way to ease the tension in my neck and shoulders. It really helps me relax and it feels great! I recommend Energetic Connections – they really are Toronto's chair massage experts!"

Richard Adams Photography

A Most Important Message

Not only can it help employees reduce stress and perform better, on-site massage delivers an important non-verbal corporate wellness message – the organization cares about the well-being of its employees.

Consider that many companies publicize their corporate wellness programs, like on site massage and wellness workshops, to attract new employees and retain experienced employees.

The non-verbal message that the organization really cares about its employees contributes to corporate wellness through a positive attitude and relationship between employer and employees.

Corporate Wellness is an Investment in Employees and Your Organization

Employees greatly appreciate at work on site chair massage, and view it not only as an inexpensive bonus, but as an important sign that your organization cares. It is an investment in employees and your workplace.

Many companies set up regular in-office chair massage sessions to boost staff performance. Through on site massage, employees benefit in specific ways:

Neck, shoulder, arm, and back stiffness are relieved
Stress is reduced
Employees are re-energized and relaxed
At-work fatigue is reduced
People have a welcome 'feel good' energy break

Get in touch with us at Energetic Connections for more about chair massage and the benefits to your employees and workplace.

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