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Lunch and learn seminars
Lunch and learn seminars

Why Toronto Lunch and Learn Sessions?

Companies with healthy employees have a definite business advantage over their competition. The concept is easy. How to implement improved wellness within a company can be a challenge faced by your corporate wellness committee whenever they meet to discuss Health and Safety training and implementation.

A Challenge

How can your Health and Safety Committee inform employees about healthy habits so that they can perform with energy and enthusiasm at work? How can you attract employees who struggle with wellness issues and workplace stress as well as those who are already health oriented?

The Solution

Toronto lunch and learn sessions are a great way to provide workplace training and inform employees of healthy ways to work and live. Our clients tell us that employees – even employees with less than optimal fitness levels – are attracted to a fun and fast-paced learning environment at our Toronto lunch and learn sessions. Toronto lunch and learn wellness workshops deliver stress management, nutrition, and personal development topics so your employees can implement useful life and work-skill strategies.

The Benefits of Lunch and Learn Sessions for Your Workplace

"Although the seminar topic was 'Basic Communication Skills' (with a Meditation Module), the real value of today's event appears to be the team building activity that took place between our Financial Advisors and our Dealer Services support team. A lively discussion occurred, triggered by the seminar topic. Both groups demonstrated their willingness to learn something new and share ideas and resources in the relaxed setting afforded by sharing lunch around our boardroom table. In the months to come, we may book other nutrition and lifestyle topics with the intention of fostering further team building through Lunch and Learn events."

Ingela Baker, VP Finance & Operations
GP Wealth Management

The Benefits

Healthy stress-free employees are more productive and happier. Research has shown a three-fold return for every dollar invested in corporate wellness. Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity have a direct positive impact on your bottom line. Lunch and Learn sessions in Toronto are a great way to promote healthy employees through workplace training.

Optional Toronto Lunch and Learn Formats

Meet your Health and Safety Committee mandate! Allow Energetic Connections to offer one-hour Toronto lunch and learn workplace training sessions as well as half-day wellness workshops.

Lunch and learn sessions
Toronto Lunch and Learn Topics

One Hour Lunch and Learn Sessions

These one hour lunch and learn workplace training sessions use a fun and fast-paced technique-based learning format. Participants are introduced to the topic and in the Toronto lunch and learn session, are given one or two tools that they can use to implement immediate and longer-term change in their lives. Technique-based learning can be delivered in a short timeframe with very good results.

Half-day Workshops

In contrast, half-day workplace training workshops use an experiential-based format. Once the topic is introduced, attendees participate in small groups to explore a variety of challenges within a fast-paced, fun, and practical learning environment. The increased time allows delivery of more health information and the chance for participants to more completely and actively digest what they learn about workplace stress and other health and safety related topics.

Here is a partial list of Toronto lunch and lean topics (wellness and personal development topics) that we offer through lunch and learn sessions in Toronto. Please enquire about any topic that you would like to offer your staff and we would be happy to work with you.

Personal and Professional Development Lunch and Learn Topics

Meditation 101 – How to Get started
Stress Management 2.0 – Building Resilience
How to Get Things Done and Still Have Fun
How Sleep Affects Weight Gain and What You Can Do About It
How To Manage Stress and Boost Immunity
Money, Energy and Abundance
Creating Balance at Home and Work
Goal Setting 101 – Practical Tools to Stay On Track

Nutrition Lunch and Learn Topics

Nutrition 101 – How to Read and Understand Food Labels
Stress and the Weight Gain Connection
How to Build Healthy Lunches
The Skinny on Trans Fats and Good Fats
Eat Right to Boost Energy
Boost Metabolism and Curb Cravings

"Elizabeth was very good; easy to understand and follow and very empathetic. The focus of our lunch and learn topic was how to prevent/minimize stress and worry and be able to manage better with nutrition, exercise and sleep... We also participated in a slow breathing exercise and some visualization techniques. All in all; I enjoyed our discussion and sharing our individual ideas and thoughts."

Rogers Shared Services IT

Do you have a Toronto lunch and learn topic that you would like to address with your staff? We'd be happy to develop your idea and incorporate it into the lunch and learn session. If you're in the Toronto and surrounding areas, please contact Elizabeth at Energetic Connections to discuss the topic of your Toronto lunch and learn session.

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