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Inspiring Toronto Team Building Workshops for Your Next Team Building Day

Toronto team building activites include chair massage and lunch and learn
Team Building Activities in Toronto (GTA)

Our team building activities in Toronto and the GTA help break down barriers between management and employees by enabling them to explore areas of common interest. This leads to increased collaboration and information sharing – and increased productivity.

We provide fun, fast-paced team building workshops on topics that matter to your employees and can directly improve their lives. When these workshops are delivered in your boardroom over lunch it opens lines of communication between employees and managers. The result is better internal communications and an increase in overall employee morale.

We also offer chair massage for your employees as part of your team building day. We find that employees are more likely to show up for a team building day when the opportunity to receive a neck and shoulder massage is offered – ideal for boosting participation and enthusiasm among your staff. Don't just give your staff a pat on the back – give them a stress-busting shoulder massage!

"The workshop Elizabeth conducted reinforced our health initiative for our employees. She inspired us with alternative ways to plan healthy lunches and left our employees with methods they could easily incorporate into their day-to-day lives. We definitely would invite Elizabeth back for future workshops with IBC."

Lucy Was, Senior Benefits Administrator
Insurance Bureau of Canada

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