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On site chair massage in the workplace.

On site chair massage promotes
health in the workplace!

On site chair massage on the golf course or in the club house.

Chair massage for the golfer. Golf
massage feels great after 18 holes!

Chair massage across Canada!

Chair massage
across Canada!
Wellness Initiatives for the Workplace!   
Onsite chair massage experts.
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Toronto Chair Massage Experts at Energetic Connections

Welcome to Energetic Connections! We are Toronto's on site massage specialists. With over a decade of experience, our certified chair massage practitioners provide on site chair massage in a variety of settings and applications, with a wide range of benefits for employers and employees in Toronto and across Canada.

Our belief and experience is that the positive, relaxing, and energizing benefits of on-site chair massage extend beyond the massage recipient, rippling out and constructively affecting others in the workplace.

Mission Statement

Just a Few Happy & Relaxed Toronto Chair Massage Clients

Healthy Employees – Productive Workplaces

Threats to Productivity

Stress, workplace anxiety, and tension work to undermine productivity. The overwhelming majority of visits to health care professionals – estimated to be from 60% to 90% – are for stress related illnesses. Absenteeism is estimated to cost nearly $30 billion in wages alone and $150 billion when lost productivity is included.

Impact on the Bottom Line

Healthy employees with a high level of wellness have been shown to have a positive impact on a company's productivity. For every dollar invested in wellness initiatives, like chair massage, employers reap a return of over three dollars.

Benefits result from increased individual and collective productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, and decreased medical claims. Employees have increased at-work energy and a more positive attitude.

Corporate chair massage in Toronto

Corporate chair massage Toronto,
for employees or clients.
Also serving Canada!
Massage and Wellness

On site chair massage is an excellent way to improve wellness. Chair massage reduces stress, tension, and anxiety, and fosters an improved sense of well-being.

On-site chair massage contributes to increased productivity. Research by the University of Miami found that computational errors were reduced by half, and that massage recipients took only half the time to complete calculations when they received massage before the tasks.

Not only does on site massage re-energize and refresh employees, offering on-site massage sends a key message to everyone – the company cares about the well-being of its employees. A company that cares is more motivating to work for.

The Ripple Effect

The benefits of on-site chair massage extend past the massage recipient. Employees pass these benefits on. The recipient's improved sense of well-being ripples out into the workplace in the form of a smile, an offer to help co-workers, better customer relations, increased energy, and a more positive attitude.

"Thanks you so much for the wonderful service you and your team have provided over the past months to our staff. It is truly a relaxing and motivational outlet for all."

Julie, Human Resources
A financial services company

What We Offer – Turnkey Service

Energetic Connections will manage the entire logistics of on site massage for your corporate wellness program, initiative, or special event. We'll cover sign-up sheet preparation, poster design and event promotion, to actual massage day. We'll help publicize your event and create enthusiasm among your staff. On massage day, we arrive on-site, insured, and equipped to deliver an exceptional relaxation experience to your staff and clients.

Our applications of on-site chair massage in Toronto and across Canada include...

Corporate wellness programs and initiatives
Corporate and customer appreciation events
Special events like golf tournaments
Conferences and trade shows
Employee appreciation, recognition, and incentive programs
Health and Safety, Fitness, and Wellness Fair event programs

We also offer broader applications of wellness through Toronto Lunch and Learn Sessions on stress and nutrition topics, as well as life skills coaching for the workplace.

How On-Site Chair Massage Works

Our trained, insured and certified chair massage specialists arrive on-site complete with all the necessary equipment and supplies. Each chair massage session lasts from 10 to 30 minutes and is delivered through the clothing in a specially designed chair by a Certified Chair Massage Practitioner. On site chair massage covers the neck, shoulders, back and arms, and it feels great!

Many On-Site Chair Massage Options

Your workplace can use chair massage in a variety of ways:

As an on-going option for employees
A special or regular chair massage day
As part of an activity, event, or a special wellness day
As part of an overall fitness or wellness program
As part of a Health and Safety workplace initiative

Not Sure What's Involved?

Needs Assessed – Free!

If you're unsure about what wellness and on site chair massage means for your company, Energetic Connections can conduct a needs assessment for on site chair massage in Toronto – for free! We'll assess the needs and scope for on-site chair massage, or set up a needs assessment for your company to carry out. Contact us today for your free assessment.


Chair massage in Toronto starts at $16 per person, and we also provide custom cost estimates for any application of chair massage; from a one-shot event, to regular sessions, wellness days, special events, and as part of more established wellness or fitness programs.

No-Hassle, Cost-Effective Turnkey Corporate Wellness Programs

How do you deliver effective corporate wellness at a cost that makes sense to the bottom line? Use Energetic Connections' turnkey corporate wellness programs. They're cost-effective, easy to put into place, and it's all set up for you!

Get in touch with us at Energetic Connections for more about on-site chair massage and the benefits to your company and employees.

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