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Don't just give your employees a pat on the back, give them a team building experience in Toronto from Energetic Connections. We offer easy solutions for improving the health and productivity of your employees. Our wellness services, including Toronto chair massage, and interactive seminars on topics such as "How to get things done and still have fun" will increase morale at your company.

Our Toronto team building activities engage your staff to reach their full potential and increase productivity. We have been delivering lunch and learn seminars in Toronto to major corporations and public sector employees since 2005 and have many satisfied, long-term clients.

Our Certified Massage Practitioners provide on-site chair massage in a variety of settings. Your staff will thank you for providing chair massage on site. The benefit for your company will be an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

"Elizabeth and her team at Energetic Connections deliver chair massage sessions once a month. Our employees really look forward to their neck-and-shoulder massages and the schedule is fully booked as soon as we post the date and time. Chair massage is an essential element of our ongoing Employee Wellness Programme. It delivers a powerful non-verbal message to our staff that we appreciate their dedication and hard work.

"I would recommend Elizabeth and Energetic Connections for your Wellness or Employee Appreciation initiative."

Lynn Jennings, Executive Director
Revera Retirement Living, Toronto, Ontario

Just a Few Happy & Relaxed Toronto Chair Massage Clients


Healthy Employees – Productive Workplaces

Threats to Productivity

Stress, workplace anxiety and tension work to undermine productivity. The overwhelming majority of visits to health care professionals – estimated to be from 60% to 90% – are for stress related illnesses. Absenteeism is estimated to cost nearly $30 billion in wages alone and $150 billion when lost productivity is included.

Impact on the Bottom Line

Healthy employees with a high level of wellness have been shown to have a positive impact on a company's productivity. For every dollar invested in wellness and team building initiatives, employers reap a return of more than three dollars.

Benefits result from increased individual and collective productivity, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover, and decreased medical claims. Employees have more energy and a more positive attitude at work.

Excellence in Education Award
Massage and Wellness

Massage and Wellness

On site chair massage is an excellent way to improve wellness. Chair massage reduces stress, tension, and anxiety, and fosters an improved sense of well-being.

Toronto on-site chair massage contributes to increased productivity. Research by the University of Miami found that computational errors were reduced by half, and that massage recipients took only half the time to complete calculations when they received massage before the tasks.

Not only does on-site chair massage re-energize and refresh employees, offering it sends a key message to everyone – the company cares about the well-being of its employees. A company that cares is more motivating to work for.

Our team building activities can help your employees increase their job satisfaction and improve communications and collaboration between different teams at your organization.

The Ripple Effect

Employees who take part in our team building activities and chair massage pass these benefits on. Your employees' improved sense of well-being ripples out into the workplace in the form of better customer relations and teamwork, increased energy and a more positive attitude.

Toronto Team Building and Wellness Services

Our wellness services are ideal for your next:

Team building, employee appreciation or incentive program
Workplace wellness day
Special events like Corporate and customer appreciation events
Conferences and trade shows
Special events, such as golf tournaments
Health and Safety, Fitness, and Wellness Fairs

Not Sure What's Involved?

If you're unsure about what wellness and on-site chair massage means for your company, Energetic Connections can conduct a needs assessment for wellness programs for free!

Wellness programs employees love!

We deliver effective wellness at a cost that makes sense to the bottom line. When you choose Energetic Connections' team building and wellness programs, they're cost-effective, easy to put into place, and it's all set up for you!

Take action now! Contact Energetic Connections to learn more about our team-building activities and on-site chair massage and the benefits for your company and employees.

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